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  • POUCH01

    POUCH01 was designed to offer an efficient solution for battle belts and various platforms equipped with MOLLE mounting points. This pouch boasts two strategically aligned compartments that empower the end user to seamlessly integrate magazine holders with a GP pouch, all within a compact form factor. The inner compartment is thoughtfully lined with loop fields, providing compatibility with a range of magazine inserts from us, including:


    1x 5.56 Single Rifle Insert

    1x 7.62 Single Rifle Insert

    1x Single Pistol Insert

    1x Double Pistol Insert

    1x 5.56 Single Rifle Insert + 1x Single Pistol Insert

    1x 7.62x39 Single Rifle Insert + 1x Single Pistol Insert



    The outer pouch incorporates a swift-opening hook & loop flap and features one large compartment. The primary compartment showcases a loop field tailored to accommodate inserts, like:


    Shotgun/CR123 Battery Insert

    Chemlight/AA Battery Insert



    The secondary compartment serves the dual purpose of admin storage for smaller items or additional overflow from the main compartment. POUCH01 can be effortlessly mounted onto a belt using the one wrap or via MOLLE webbing.



    - Does not include mounting hardwear, sold seperately!


    Some images shown with optional accessories, sold separately

      € 60,00Price